Ridiculously easy logging

Send, tail, retrieve logs for all your web-connected apps.

Let's talk features

Send in all your log lines, we'll automatically gather things like timestamp, IP address, and user agent. When retrieving logs, either use 'tail' or 'retrieve' to consume what you've sent. With easy to use filtering and tagging, sharing or combing through logs is drop-dead simple.


Bins are really easy ways to organize your incoming logs. Each bin can have an unlimited amount of tags, too!

  ## Add a log entry
curl -X "http://logb.in/{token}/add/custom_bin_name?content=realtime%%20content!&tag=debug_output"


Just like you'd imagine. The web-equivalent of tail, for realtime analysis of incoming logs. Tailing also respects tags!

## Tail bin logs
curl -X "http://api.logb.in/t/56d2b?records=2"


Need to pull out mass-quantity of logs? /retrieve allows you to pull out date-ranges, entire tags, or all of your logs.

## Retrieve logs
curl -X "http://logb.in/{token}/retrieve/custom_bin_name?start_time=2017-01-18%2014:44:32&end_time=2017-01-18%2014:44:33




  • 10 Bins
  • 2 Day retention
  • 100 logs/minute



  • 1000 Bins
  • 7 Day retention
  • 1000 logs/minute



  • 10000 Bins
  • 30 Day retention
  • 2000 logs/minute

Have questions? Feedback?

logb.in was created after years of not quite finding the simple go-to log solution for hacking out web apps or test projects. If you have feedback or questions, I'd absolutely love to hear it.